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The Book on Gunda

Name: Gunda Kuga

Title: Graphic Designer and Production Specialist

Strategic role: Bringing ideas to life through innovative design

Where she's been: A practical creative? Or a creative perfectionist? However you label her, Gunda is a one-of-a-kind artist who still manages to sweat the stuff of strategy, budgets and timelines. With decades of professional experience under her belt, including stints as director of advertising for Joslins, May D&F and Fashion Bar, she is endlessly resourceful in helping clients mine new ideas and stretch marketing dollars. Weeding out too-creative ideas, ganging print jobs, investigating new binding methods—Gunda is passionate about maximizing a client’s budget without sacrificing the creative vision. Whether it’s a fashion catalog, brochure or magazine ad, clients rely on Gunda to produce it beautifully and efficiently.

Passions: Any class at the gym, theme cooking, the breakneck speed of Avalanche games and stretching my creative muscles on the computer.

Peeves: Techno mumbo jumbo, unrealistic deadlines, computer error messages and being put on hold.

Nighttime reading: Bobby Flay’s Grilling For Life or any other hot cookbook of the moment.

Client nirvana: “Sometimes it just clicks with a client. She understands how integral design is to achieving marketing objectives, but she also lets me do what I do best.”

Words to live by: “I’m still seeking my own words to live by, but ‘Carpe diem’ comes pretty close.”

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