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The Book on Mike

Name: Mike Sophir

Title: Corporate Alliances and Sponsorships

Strategic role: Resident guru on helping businesses and nonprofits get the most bang for their buck from strategic alliances.

Where he's been: Whether it’s securing a corporate sponsorship or creating a cause marketing program, Mike is an experienced, well-rounded marketer who always keeps his eye on the client’s bottom line. Earlier in his career, he has handled all facets of event operations, fundraising, promotions and strategy development for a wide array of clientele. He has also developed leadership programs and managed staffs to maximize productivity and generate lasting results. As Director of Corporate Sponsorship/ Giving for The Children’s Hospital Foundation, Mike drew upon his considerable skill set to generate more than $7 million annually through programs, events and outright gifts to benefit the Foundation and the Hospital. Today, his contacts, breadth of knowledge and marketing savvy help ensure a strategic partnership always extends beyond philanthropic efforts to achieve a client’s marketing goals.

Passions: The music of jazz greats like Louis Armstrong, workouts that push me beyond limits, pioneering a snowshoe trail in deep powder, programs that scream “ROI” and the laughter of my niece and nephews.

Peeves: Tardiness, people who see every issue as a problem instead of an opportunity, close-mindedness and dirty dishes in the sink.

Nighttime reading: Novels by John Irving and Ayn Rand

Client nirvana: “I love a client who is honest, direct and open to new ideas.”

Words to live by: “It doesn’t interest me who you know or how you came to be here. I want to know if you will stand in the center of the fire with me and not shrink back. ” – Oriah Mountain Dreamer

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