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Rather than a trendy spin on 21st century marketing, our virtual-ness is an integral part of how we serve you. With this flexibility, we can handpick the best team for you from our nationwide talent pool—whether that’s a two-person design team to create a new t-shirt for an upcoming event, or eight professionals to formulate strategy and execute your multi-media campaign. Frankly, it’s all about what you need. Just pinpoint your marketing objectives, and whether you need everything on the list below, or just one service, we’ll find a creative solution to get you there.

Strategic Planning
First things first:  planning and research.  We immerse ourselves in your business, listen to your needs and then senior members of our team recommend an integrated strategic plan that covers marketing, public relations and beyond, along with creative, brand-reinforcing tactics to get results.

Media Relations
Effective media relations involves cultivating relationships with the media and offering them news worthy of coverage, plus sorting through the opportunities and risks when working with the media. Reporters here and across the country have come to know us as a reliable resource and a wellspring of engaging storylines. And, whether it’s your time to shine or to be on the firing line, Peri Marketing & Public Relations can train your spokespeople to come through their moment in the spotlight with flying colors.

Strategic Alliances & Sponsorships
By strengthening relationships and building goodwill within your community, your company or nonprofit can reap huge rewards. We can help organizations—businesses or charities—realize their bottom-line goals by creating strategic alliances with the right partner. That may mean identifying an organization or cause which complements your business and negotiating a sponsorship; fostering a corporate alliance; developing a corporate donor progam; or a host of other strategies that maximize the return on philanthropic efforts. And as we’re a full-service marketing firm, we can pull from our comprehensive knowledge of marketing and public relations to ensure the message gets out to all your stakeholders.

Event Marketing
When events are part of your marketing mix, we make sure those events are well planned, superbly executed and accountable to the bottom line. Product launches and package goods sales, grand openings, black-tie fundraisers, golf tournaments, cycling experiences, walks and running events—we’ve successfully handled them all while meeting your objectives. We plan them with your brand identity and target in mind. So, event-goers, consumers or donors gain a one-of-a-kind experience where your organization or business is always center stage.

Advertising/Collateral Development
Print design and production, broadcast, direct mail, e-communications—we have a long and successful track record of producing quality work that gets noticed. From concept to finished product, our experts ensure your message is presented to your target audience in the most compelling and efficient way.

Sports Marketing/Sponsorships
Harnessing the powerful draw of sports and lifestyle events in your marketing mix can be highly effective, if done correctly. In recent years, we’ve created marketing opportunities for both the sponsor and event properties. We’ve negotiated and implemented sponsorships with the best of the best in the sports world—the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, LPGA, college sports, freestyle and alpine skiing, cycling tours and running.  We know how to create sponsorships that meet strategic initiatives—whether it’s driving traffic, engaging employees, brand awareness or creating product trials with your target customer. We’ll get it done so you get results.  

Web-based Marketing
Knowing the ins and outs of search engines, banner advertising versus pop-ups and transaction software is a science unto itself. That’s why we keep our finger on the ever-changing pulse of e-marketing.  Our e-specialists formulate and execute targeted web-based marketing to help you operate in a global market, communicate with your target audiences in real time, streamline event participation, track participation and maintain an effective online presence.

Internal Communications
Ensuring your most valuable resources—employees—are not just in the loop, but fully briefed on and engaged with the organization’s strategic initiatives is paramount to business success. We can use the latest technology to keep associates informed in real time, orchestrate meetings, design newsletters and much more. Whatever the communication tactic, we make certain to appropriately time the delivery of your key messages, and keep them focused and interesting.

Celebrity Appearances
When a project calls for a celebrity appearance, our experts go to work to identify how this event can drive business and revenue for your company or organization. Then we tackle all the logistics, including onsite details like security, media interviews, autographs and more. Our formula has proven successful in directing events utilizing the world’s most famous names in fashion, sports, entertainment and cooking: Ralph Lauren, John Elway, Tony Bennett and Julia Child just to name a few. 

Branding and Corporate Identity
It all starts with the visual and verbal representation of your brand—your logo and tagline.  Guiding the evolution of this image into an emotional connection with your consumer takes skill and planning. That’s where we can make the difference. By researching existing consumer perceptions or donor profiles and identifying how you’d like to improve or transform those perceptions, our professionals help to carve out a distinct place for your brand with key audiences.

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